School’s IN or OUT Program

When School is out, NinjaBE offers all-day-play in our newest “state of the art” Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing Center located in Columbia Maryland. Kids seven (7) and up are welcome to explore the one of a kind physical fitness games (FitGames) available within our 25,000 square feet facility.

NinjaBE’s structured camp is guided by our group of trained Ninja Warrior Instructors of Obstacles- dubbed SenseiO’s. These Camp Leaders learned the Ninja Warrior Sport by training & competing in Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing competitions.

When school is in session, NinjaBE offers study rooms and Wi-Fi so participants can bring their laptops for virtual schooling. During school breaks, participants have ninja warrior along with arts and craft activities. They will also learn about how to overcome physical and mental obstacles. Please contact the program director at 443-600-9550 x704 or email with questions.

SenseiO’s and helpers have been vetted (background checked) and have completed extensive training on how to teach Ninja’s.

Camp Theme – “Growth Mindset”

NinjaBE Camp programs intertwine physical activity and mindset growth to further enhance a child’s development and interaction with his/her world. The physical aspect challenges the body and builds muscle memory and endurance, while the mindset aspect shapes and molds a way of thinking. Our Camp program fosters a way of moving and thinking for your child that will be applicable now and into the future. Here is an opportunity to help your little Ninja grow while “Feeling the Fun” at NinjaBE .


Camp Highlights

  • NinjaBE Instructor (SenseiO) to Student ratio is 1:12. We commit to a low SenseiO -to- Student ratio to insure a meaningful Fitness experience for each Ninja.
  • Access to NinjaBE’s 10 fun & challenging FitGames (Fitness Games)
  • Lessons on safety techniques which help encourage “safe indoor and outdoor play
  • Unique, fun, and challenging indoor & outdoor activities

Camp Mission

To compel children to desire safe physical play more than virtual – and meet challenges which strengthen their body, mind, and spirit.


School’s OUT Typical Day

08:45    Parent signs-in NinjaBE Camper

09:00    Ninja led to assigned group

09:15    Group Camp Welcome message

09:30    Stretch warm-up routine

10:00    Sub-Groups  to 1st FitGame Station

10:05    Start Learn/Do FitGame Instruction

10:30    FitGame Station every 30 minutes

12:00    Lunch (packed from home, Nut-Free)

12:30    Continue FitGame Station every 30 minutes

15:00    Free Play

16:00    Full Day Parent signs-out Camper

Things to bring: Comfortable athletic wear, sneakers, mask, boxed nut-free lunch & snacks (full-day campers), NinjaBE Store cash (no more than $20).  

Program Schedule

Click Here to Register for

School’s In or Out Session

Before Care (One Day)

 (8am – 9am)


After Care (One Day)

(4pm – 5pm)


September 14-18, 2020

Monday – Friday (9am – 4pm)


September 21-25, 2020

Monday – Friday (9am – 4pm)


September 28, 2020

Monday  (9am – 4pm)


September 28 – October 2, 2020

Monday (9am – 4pm)


October 5 – 9, 2020

Tuesday (9am – 4pm)


Campers must be 42 inches or Taller and 40 pounds or more. 

Campers must be at least seven (7) years old.  NinjaBE credit refunds only with minimum 24 hour prior notice.


School’s IN or OUT


Full Day**

(9am – 4pm)


Full Week

(9am- 4pm)


Before or After Care*

(8am – 9am or 4pm – 5pm)

$15 each time

** Call NinjaBE to book a full day or half day School’s In program at 443-600-9550 ext. 6. Book a full week of School’s In program or a full day of School’s Out program in advance here online.


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