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NinjaBE invites Adults & Kids to an action-packed indoor athletic fitness facility.

Come and accept the NinjaBE challenge to become more physically fit, and experience a mind-body transformation that is unparalleled. Reserve your time slot now.

We feature Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing Courses that everyone CAN do! Plus, tests that that only the top Ninja’s can complete.

Kids… Teens… Adults… Seniors…

Fun and challenging obstacles for all age groups.


When kids are ready to take a break from the action they can go to the “Chill Area” and eat a snack, visit with friends, color, read a book or play games.

Parents or guardians can watch kids play from the NinjaBE Zen room while relaxing, working, meeting new people or watching an uninterrupted movie.

Buy tickets to access NinjaBE’s ultimate competition-based fitness activities. Only participants pay for tickets. Observers attend at NO charge!

No, it’s NOT your Birthday. But it will sure feel that way.