NinjaBE Games for SCHOOL TEAMS

NinjaBE delivers challenging obstacles called FitGames to help build better bodies, and stronger minds. Our Ninjas Warrior Obstacle Racing Courses feature the most popular obstacles in the sport — Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, Hanging Bungees, Quad Steps, three warped walls and so much more! 

First place teams for sponsored NinjaBE Games receive awards consistent with event classification and number of teams. Details are announced before the opening ceremony.

All events will be held at 9301 Snowden River Parkway, Columbia, Maryland 21046.

Contact your school’s Principal and/or PTA President, to see if your school has signed up for the next season of NinjaBE Games! 

Racer on NinjaBE Shinobi Obstacle Course!

Spectators are Welcome!

The NinjaBE Games include multiple unique & challenging obstacles (called FitGames) that must be precisely maneuvered to achieve a champion worthy completion time. Each round of NinjaBE Games has three events which utilize three (3) different NinjaBE FitGames.

At the completion of each event, each player’s completion time is added to their team members time to generate the Team’s Total Time. The Team’s Total Time for an event is compared to the Competitor’s Total Team Time, and the lowest time will be deemed the winner of the event.  

The winner of each event receives one (1) point. After 3 events, the team with the most number of points is the winner of the round. 

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