NEXT Competition DATE:
JUNIORS (6-17 yrs) - November 30th
ADULTS (18+ yrs) - December 8th

NinjaBE delivers challenging obstacles called FitGames to help build better bodies, and stronger minds. Our Ninjas Warrior Obstacle Racing Courses feature the most popular obstacles in the sport — Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, Hanging Bungees, Quad Steps, three warped walls and so much more! 

Any of the 10 FitGames within NinjaBE may be used within the round. Competition may be televised or videotaped and used as part of submission tape for American Ninja Warrior (Adult or Junior) application.

Competition will be held at 9301 Snowden River Parkway, Columbia, Maryland 21046.

Sign up NOW using the button below for our next NinjaBE Games session on:

Juniors (6-17 yrs) –

November 30th   7pm -10pm

Adults (18+ yrs) –

December 8th    7pm -10pm

Racer on NinjaBE Shinobi Obstacle Course!

Spectators are Welcome!

The NinjaBE Games include multiple unique & challenging obstacles (called FitGames) that must be precisely maneuvered to achieve a champion worthy completion time. Each round of NinjaBE Games has three events which utilize three (3) different NinjaBE FitGames.

The age brackets for the competition are as follows:

Junior: 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17

Adult: 18+, 50+

Format details will be announced at the time of the event.