Letter to NinjaBE Family

NinjaBE Family,

To all our wonderful NinjaBE patrons locally and from all around the United States, thank you for being part of our family. We really do think of you like that – FAMILY. As such, everything we do in the operation of our Ninja Warrior Fitness Center is designed to create a fun, safe, and healthy environment where our loved ones can create memories that last a lifetime!

COVID-19 Response
To start, NinjaBE has taken a novel approach to protecting our patrons and employees. Even before COVID-19, our fitness 
center has been second to none in terms of facility cleanliness and guest safety. 

Here’s just a few of the EXTRA things we are doing to ensure your safety:

NinjaBE PRESENTS “Exclusive Obstacle Access for Your Group” 
We have re-engineered our FitGames (courses & individual obstacles) to support restricted use by family/group members 
ONLY.  We now have 25 separated areas (called stations) that are accessible by ONLY your group for a designated period of time. No sharing of stations with non-family members or general patrons. 



In order to effectively play our part in the communities we serve, and out of an abundance of caution, NinjaBE has taken the unprecedented move of temporarily reducing fire marshal capacity levels by 80%. We now operate at 20% capacity. 

As a result, patrons have even more room to get NinjaBE Fit within our 25,000 square foot Fitness Center, with even greater reason for confidence in their own safety. NinjaBE remains in close contact with state and local government officials, ensuring compliance with any additional community mandates. 


NinjaBE OPEN GYM Changes
 Open Gym changed from 1, 1.5, and 2-hour non-exclusive sessions to: Two (2) hour exclusive access sessions 

–see “buy tickets” webpage for session hours. One Price for each session. 

Spectators for each group are limited to one (1) and stay within the station start/end boundaries with Family/Group participants. All common area seating has been removed. ALL RESERVATIONS DONE ONLINE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL


NinjaBE PARTY Changes 

We have changed our access to party rooms from only at the end of the Open Gym session to FULL ACCESS THROUGHOUT THE PARTY.

From the moment your party starts until it ends… You now have complete access and control of your Party ROOM.  

To reduce checkout times…we have changed to Contactless party checkout procedures..

NinjaBE Cleanliness and Standards
While our standard cleaning protocols have always far exceeded the industry norms, we are taking things a huge step 
further. Our already stringent cleaning schedules have been amplified.

  • Use of medical-grade, child-safe cleaning products proven to be Coronavirus effective
  • Obstacle Courses, mechanical bull, inflatable obstacles, dodgeball courts, air bags, handholds, and all frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and sanitized EVERY TWO (2) HOURS – before each Ninja Session 
  • All inflatables entirely emptied, sanitized every 2 hours (before each session).
  • Every single mat cleaned with approved sanitizing cleaners every 2 hours
  • Every single table and surface disinfected using approved cleaners, every 2 hours 
  • Wellness checks (temperature & symptom check) of all employees prior to each shift
  • Wellness checks (temperature & symptom check) of all Patrons prior to access.
  • Expanded operation of “Clean AIR” activated Air Filtration system employing 24ft ceilings for dispersion
  • Complete alignment with all CDC requirements and recommendations

Guest Support
NinjaBE has always maintained the highest levels of guest education and expectations for guest actions. H
and sanitizing, safety training videos, and in-person guest instruction from our NinjaBE Safety Monitors all help us help you be safe! Now we are doing even more:

    • Increased sanitizing stations throughout NinjaBE, typically at every single FitGame.
    • Employee reminders to younger children regarding frequent handwashing.
    • Increased Party education, helping guests to feel safe attending your party. 
    • Increased flexibility for party rebooking. 

Our message is clear: NinjaBE is among the safest locations for family fun. We encourage guests to follow any and all CDC recommendations.

Be safe. Be vigilant. The NinjaBE family, and indeed the human family, will continue, and with it the memories we create as friends and families exercising together.

Thank you,


Dawn Alexander
General Manager 

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