Welcome to NinjaBE’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • How old should my child be to play at NinjaBE?

Participation at NinjaBE ranges from 5 to 99 years old. In other words, we are not restricted by age. NinjaBE Guests that just barely meet a height minimum of 42 inches (preferably 48 inches) and a weight minimum of 40lbs, and have good fitness capability should be able to attempt, and possible complete a majority of the FitGames in the Center.

More specifically, NinjaBE delivers 10 FitGames to our Ninja family. Two of the ten FitGames are truss-based Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses. Each course has 15-20 elements. Physical strength, span of arms, span of legs, all factor in to how many elements are doable by each of our Guest Ninja’s. The Sasuke course is our most advanced course & it is estimated that a Guest Ninja at 42-48 inches (and good fitness rating) will be able to complete 5 of the 15-20 elements on the course. The Shinobi Zone contains our beginner to intermediate course and Guests that are 42-48 inches should be able to attempt/complete 10 out of 15 of the elements on the Shinobi course. As for the remaining 8 FitGames at NinjaBE, Guests that are 42-48 inches and 40lbs or more, are able to attempt/complete each FitGame.

Any Guest over 48 inches should be able to attempt or complete (based on fitness level) all 10 FitGames.

  • Can Adults workout at NinjaBE?

Yes, Adults & Families are welcome & CAN workout at NinjaBE!  NinjaBE also offers Adult- ONLY Workouts on Friday & Saturday nights from 8pm to 10pm.

  • How do I play/workout at  NinjaBE’s Fitness Center?

Simple, just go online to https://ninjabe.com/waiver-2/, and reserve a date and time for 60 minutes ($19.99), 90 minutes ($24.99), or 120 minutes ($29.99) Open Gym tickets.  Waivers can be completed online at  https://ninjabe.com/waiver-2/,  or at our in-house kiosks at NinjaBE.

  • What should I bring to NinjaBE?

Wear comfortable athletic attire and sneakers or gym shoes to NinjaBE sessions. 

  • Do I need to have NinjaBE socks?

Yes, NinjaBE safety socks (ASTM recommended for 3 FitGames) are required. 

  • Do you have group rates?

Yes, our group rates require a minimum of 30 Guests. Rates are customized and are provided by calling 443.600.9550 extension 6. 

  • How do I reserve my kid’s party at NinjaBE?

You may reserve online at https://ninjabe.com/birthday-parties/book-party  or via a live Party Coordinator at 443.600.9550 extension 1.

  • Does NinjaBE have private party rooms? 

Yes, after your Open Gym time, your party will have its own private party room for serving pizza and cake.

  • If I need to reschedule or cancel my kid’s party can I get a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are not refundable. However, at the discretion of NinjaBE management, deposits may be exchanged for a later party date, or NinjaBE Open Gym time credit.

  • When will my credit card be charged? 

A deposit will be charged at the time of booking, with the remaining balance charged at the conclusion of your party. If at the time of the party you have more kids than your final headcount, there will be an additional cost per child. Check with your local NinjaBE for details.

  • Who serves the food at my party?

Your party pro will serve the food, and drinks, and will also handle the clean-up.

  • When do I need to place my food order for the party?

In order to make sure we have your food on time, we need a final headcount 72 hours in advance. If you need to make adjustments after you have provided the final count, please be aware that the timing of the delivery may be delayed

  • Can I bring my own food to the party?

You can bring your own birthday cake. However, we do not allow any other outside food and/or beverages. 

  • Does NinjaBE have ice cream?

Yes, we do offer, as an add-on Mini-Melts, if requested 7 days before the Party.

  • Does NinjaBE provide balloons or can balloons be purchased at NinjaBE?

None of our Birthday Parties include Balloons, however, for $3.00 per balloon, they can be added to the party if requested within 7 days of the party.

  • Can I bring my own decorations to my kid’s party?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own decorations. Please take home any decorations you bring to NinjaBE. Silly string, confetti, piñatas, and streamers are not allowed. An additional cleaning fee may be assessed for excessive clean up or damage.

  • When do I need to provide NinjaBE a final headcount?

A final headcount is requested 72 hours prior to the party. This will allow us to make any final adjustments to your party package.

  • How many guests can I invite to my party?

Each party room accommodates a minimum of 20 kids and 10 adults. Adults that are not participating in party festivities are welcome to wait or relax in our adult area (Zen Room) where they can surf the Internet, watch television, and talk with other parents.

  • What if I have more than the maximum number of total kids for the Party Package?

Additional kids can be added to the party for an additional cost per child (Party Ninja).

Classic Party (includes 9 Party Ninja’s) —  20.00 per additional party guest

Deluxe Party (includes 12 Party Ninja’s) — 25.00 per additional party guest

Ultimate Party (includes 15 Party Ninja’s) — 30.00 per additional party guest

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