NinjaBE offers you an exciting opportunity to host special events here including organizational team-building and fund-raising.

In addition to having fun and productive camaraderie along with mental focus development via obstacle course racing, we can work with you to develop a specialized discussion plan for your organization that connects successful Ninja characteristics with what you want to build or reward among your team members. Also, we work with you on catering the meals, snacks and beverages that are most appealing for your group.

If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that wants to raise funds in an innovative manner, hold your next fundraiser at NinjaBE! Once we understand your goals, we will help you develop a plan and communicate it plus assist in ensuring that your guests have a very positive experience.

Join the NinjaBE Games as a participant or observer
NinjaBE is the host of the individual and team obstacle racing championship series, the NinjaBE Games. All obstacle racers are invited to participate. Based on the best individual and team course racing times in the NinjaBE database, the top racers will be invited to compete in person for prizes including scholarships, gift cards and trophies. The community is invited to watch the competition in person and adult competitors will be featured on the NinjaBE Network via Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Custom NinjaBE Games events can also be set up for special groups such as church youth groups, schools, college fraternities/sororities, corporations or other groups.

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