Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing Course

Advanced 3 lane course built for those who want to compete
at the American Ninja Warrior TV show level or just want to experience it… first-hand.

Mid-level Obstacle Racing Course for the rest of us competitors with unique elements that resemble real-world challenges.

See it… Feel it… Do it!

Ultimate Extreme Dodge Ball

Who will be the last one standing!

NinjaBE delivers a unique design featuring courts that provide a hump for hiding, as well as a 3rd wall for bouncing! Our courts absorb the weight of all Ninjas, big and small, offering a safer & more fun experience!

Let your inner Dodgeball beast free with NinjaBE!

Gladiator Alert!

Imagine racing up a giant 15′ long treadmill at a 27 degree incline.

When you make it to the top… Speed back down one of the fastest slides in town. Check how long it took and then do it all over again!

Gladiators, Are You Ready?

Mechanical Bull - How Long Can You Last?

Parents compete against children, Friends against Friends, Meet the next love of your life competing on a NinjaBE Bull. Anyway you slice it. Fun for everyone!

We keep track of how long the ride lasts. Hold on and hang tight. Our bulls put up quite a fight.

Come..Get your Climb on!

You will love our Climbing FitGames!

Play action games against a friend or clock as you climb to ring the bell. Sounds like a NinjaBE winner!

*Guests must be at least 42″ tall and weigh 40 pounds to participate in all FitGames, if less can walk-in & participate in Tiny Ninja activities for $9.99.

NinjaBE Closed for Open Gym >>>>>