Ninja Warrior Obstacle Racing Courses

Advanced 3 lane course built for those who want to compete
at the American Ninja Warrior TV show level or just want to experience it… first-hand.

Mid-level Obstacle Racing Course for the rest of us competitors with unique elements that resemble real-world challenges.

See it… Feel it… Do it!

Ultimate Extreme Dodge Ball

Who will be the last one standing!

NinjaBE delivers a unique design featuring courts that provide a hump for hiding, as well as a 3rd wall for bouncing! Our courts absorb the weight of all Ninjas, big and small, offering a safer & more fun experience!

Let your inner Dodgeball beast free with NinjaBE!

Come..Get your Climb on!

You will love our Climbing FitGames!

Play action games against a friend or clock as you climb to ring the bell. Sounds like a NinjaBE winner!

*Guests must be at least 42″ tall and weigh 40 pounds to participate in all FitGames, if less can walk-in & participate in Tiny Ninja activities for $9.99.

   NinjaBE is READY !!! ...............   HERE'S HOW WE ARE KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE >>>>>>>>